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Ever wonder what your body goes through when you feel scared, happy, sad or even angry? The Adventures of Chiko and Chubbs, follows the lives of 2 guinea pigs as they describe many emotions children face daily in early childhood development. Friendship, courage, compassion, empathy and sadness are just a few emotions that are covered in this series of books. So, whether the little friends are leading a parade, exploring outer space or just playing ball, it’s always an adventure with Chiko and Chubbs!

          The Adventures of Chiko and Chubbs series is a picture book collection that can be easily added to your library! Not to mention, the main characters are a playful pair, the illustrations are colourful, and the words are rhythmic.

          In the book “Worry”, Chiko presents a calming strategy of counting down as a way to reduce worry. For young readers, this strategy can be added to their tool box when they are needing to self-regulate. Additionally, the story book explanation of what ‘worry’ and ‘fear’ can look and feel like helps children connect to their own feelings and experiences.  

-Christina Miladinovic (Educator)

Mom of 4

           “I give these books 10 out of 10 stars ⭐️ The books really spoke to my 6 year old, both in pictures and the storylines. He could relate to what the characters were feeling and it gave him courage and “tools” to express his feelings. As a mom it also gives me the opportunity to have a deeper conversation with my child about how his body feels, when he is experiencing the different emotions, like afraid or sad. These books are also an important “tool” for us adults, as we teach our children the importance of expressing our emotions! We absolutely loved the sweet characters and the humour! And for him as a first grader, he will soon be able to read them himself!! We can’t wait for the next book! Thank you so much Chelsey, for the wonderful books❤️

- Cecilia Skulstad Pedersen


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