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Chiko and Chubbs


Hi, my name is Chiko. I’m the plushy brown guinea pig who is brave, wild and free-spirited. I’m always the first one to say yes to a new adventure and never give up until I get the job done. I think I’m pretty funny, at least that’s what my best friend Chubbs says. Chubbs just LOVES laughing at my jokes. He says I’m clever and caring, and that I make pretty delicious soups. I listen well and share a lot of my toys, I guess that’s why Chubbs calls me a good friend. I love to wear different costumes, especially my red cape. One of my many talents is balancing my ball on my tippy toes. There are times where I do worry though and my stomach ties in knots and I get scared. That’s when I can always count on big, squishy, fur hugs from Chubbs.



Hi, I’m Chubbs, Chiko’s best friend. Although Chiko is more brave than I am, I find myself beside him as his trusted side kick. I don’t want to miss any fun we might have on an adventure together! I secretly love “Furlympics” where I get to show off my diving skills. I love to play tunes on my guitar and eat one of Chiko’s amazing soups, especially when I have a cold. Oh and one of my hidden talents is doing a triple loop jump while playing hop scotch, but my foot work could use some practice. I also love taking afternoon naps, but sometimes my snoring worries Chiko. There is nothing like a big, squishy, fur hug to make each day better.


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Chiko and Chubbs!


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